Ruth Penny Fitzgerald & Benny Jingles Taft

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ANSWER AND SOLVE THE BELOW, WHICH WILL LEAD YOU TO YOUR NEXT TASK, AND THE NEXT. AFTER YOU COMPLETE THE SERIES OF TASKS, YOU WILL RECEIVE THE COORDINATES.If you get stuck, I recommend consulting friends, librarians, and researching on the internet.


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The first and last name of the person who lived there completes the following URL:
For example, if the answer was Jimmy Fantastic, the URL would be copying and pasting that into your browser and hitting enter, you will discover the next step.

Solve the rebus/say what you see puzzle to complete the following URL:

a poem:Early in the morning, the rooster crows.
Little chicks hatch.
Eggshell cracks.
Pheasants amble amonst the trees.
Hedgehogs burrow in the garden.
Apples grow on the trees.
Nectarines also grow on trees.

complete the following url:
http://_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I didn't mean literally copy and paste that into your browser, I meant answer the question of who lived in that little painted house, which is now located inside a building in downtown Halifax.

51st word of page 3.38th word of page 6.54th word of page 6.74th word of page 6.70th word of page 11.17th WORD of page 17.First four letters of the 14th WORD of page 30.First four letters of the 31st word of page 11.?Answer the question.Plug in the seven letter word to complete the following URL:

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